Maximizing funding for Foundations & Non-Profit Organizations


We work with non-profit organizations and foundations that want to: reach sustainability by maximizing their financial resources, give back significantly to their donors and create a global impact. 


Maximizing donations and giving back to donors with significance



At the Non-Profit and Foundation level we offer the following services: 

  • Consult with non-profit organizations, foundations and universities on insurance strategies in order to maximize donations and create greater wealth for the organization. 
  • Help organizations become sustainable through the use of financed life insurance products as an endowment tool for their high dollar amount donors. 
  • Offer consulting services on insurance programs as a fundraising technique and endowment creation. 
  • Provide insurance solutions for non-profits offering benefits such as health insurance, and life insurance programs to their employees. 



The results of our programs: 

Through the use of insurance programs, non-profit organizations and foundations are able to reach sustainability by maximizing donations and generating significant impact across their communities.

Our programs offer the opportunity for the non-profit/foundation to give back to their donor with a gift of a life insurance policy.

Our goal of our programs is to benefit both the donor and the organization significantly. 

We tailored insurance programs specifically to each organizations needs, in regards to premium financing for donors, or health and life insurance as benefits to employees of the organization. 


How it works: 

We partner with non-profit organizations, foundations and universities to offer our services to their donors or board members, as a tool to maximize donations. 

Our programs through our network of strategic partners can be offered to donors and board members of non-profits and foundations to secure the future and sustainability of the organization through the following:

  • Assign the non-profit/foundation as the beneficiary of an insurance policy under a protected trust through premium financing. 
  • Using a donation from a high dollar amount donor, a premium financed insurance policy can be used in such a way that starting at a certain period of time, the policy can generate significant cash value for the non-profit and foundation to use as annual cash gifts. 
  • Offer our program as a tool to retain high dollar amount donors and give back to them with the gift of a life insurance product not only to benefit the organization but the donor's interest. 


Understanding the importance of maximizing donations for nonprofits 

Only 2% of GDP in the USA goes to Charitable Giving
— Stanford Center on Poverty & Inequality, Giving USA

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Statements on this website provide general information only, they do not take into account any organization's personal objectives, financial situation and/or present insurance needs. Organizations and individuals should obtain specific advice regarding their own circumstances before making any insurance, tax, legal and/or financial decision. Global Direction Consultants is a Limited Liability Company registered under the State of Texas.