Securing the future for individuals and their families 

We offer insurance consulting programs that help individuals maximize their life insurance amounts and allow them to plan for their future and give to their families and their communities with significance. 


At the Individual level we offer the following services: 



  • We count with a network of strategic partners offering recognized insurance products tailored to our clients' needs. 
  • Financed High Face Amount Life Insurance Policies.- Premium Financing
  • Risk management consulting services. 
  • Estate Tax Life Insurance Protection Products for foreign nationals living in the U.S.
  • Access to over 25 life insurance carriers within the U.S. and in Mexico
  • Offshore Risk management consulting programs


  • Medical insurance products within the US with companies such as HUMANA, Unitedhealth, and Aetna.
  • International medical insurance products through companies like Aetna International and Best Doctors
  • Consulting services for insurance claims
  • Offer risk management insurance strategies to clients looking at medical coverage internationally. 


Speciality Insurance Products

Through our number of strategic partners we are able to offer a variety of insurance products specifically tailored to our client's risk management needs. 


Premium Financing Options for High Net Worth individuals: 

Individuals utilizing premium financing,  are able to leave a sustainable gift to their non-profit or organization of choice, as well as to their family and or future generations. 

Through our strategic partners we count with a network of experts in the creation of premium financed insurance programs for high net worth individuals looking to maximize their insurance amounts and cash value, without affecting the client's cash flow. 

Premium Financing works well with client's that are looking at expanding their current insurance amounts and do not want to affect their investment portfolio or cash flow. 

Premium financing works as a great tool to planned giving. Through premium financing, our clients are capable of giving to foundations, non-profit organizations and universities significant amounts. 


Using collateral for premium financing can allow our clients to grow their investment and at the same time create a significant amount of life insurance. 

Through our investment and financial partners we are able to provide personalized services to our client's and allow them to use their collateral for premium financing in smart ways to protect their resources. 





Premium financing allows clients to attain significant amounts of life insurance without affecting their cash flow. Using financial strategies through our programs, clients can attain significant amounts of life insurance and cash values and leave a legacy to their families and charities of choice. 




Statements on this website provide general information only, they do not take into account any organization's personal objectives, financial situation and/or present insurance needs. Organizations and individuals should obtain specific advice regarding their own circumstances before making any insurance, tax, legal and/or financial decision. Global Direction Consultants is a Limited Liability Company registered under the State of Texas.