Global Direction Consultants is a company that provides insurance consulting services for individuals, foundations, non-profit organizations and corporations, encouraging significant sustainable living and giving by mitigating any major risks. 

Our Mission: 

For Individuals, Non-profits, & Organizations:  We believe that through the use of insurance programs, wealth can be maximized significantly not only to benefit the future of individuals and their families but also the global community. 

For Corporations: We believe that through the use of global strategies in insurance and reinsurance products, corporations can better mitigate risk, protect their economic resources, their infrastructure, property and grow their business. 

Our Values: 


Our fundamental guide is honesty and respect for the dignity of our clients without distinction of the value of the business. 


We are convinced that our services and the products that we offer through our strategic partners, are elements that give our clients the certainty and security of obtaining access to the best alternatives and options to achieve their objectives. 


We are committed to resolve the needs of our clients with efficiency and the highest quality of service. 

Our people: 

The most important resource of Global Direction Consultants, LLC is our human capital. We procure the members of our company with economic satisfaction through fair and coherent compensation in relation to their work and effort. We strongly care about our members' professional development, we encourage the expression of their qualities through team work, motivation, and the opportunity of constant growth through professional training. 

Financial Stability: 

We are committed to maintain a stable financial position that gives confidence to the people that work with us, profitability to our investors, and certainty to our clients. 


We believe that philanthropy is a fundamental value for social responsibility in order to impact our Global community with significance. Through our programs we create partnerships with foundations and non-profit organizations. 


How we work: 

  • We connect our clients with specialized insurance firms around the country and globally to provide insurance products that can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients.
  • Consult with clients to discuss the long term benefits of insurance products such as premium financing and the associated risks.
  • Integrate our partners to our clients in designing strategies that provide maximum benefits and mitigate any major risks.
  • Ensure protection and sustainable insurance products for individuals, foundations, non-profit organizations and corporations. 
  • Work closely with the directors and board of trustees for foundations, universities and non-profit organizations to design strategies for maximization of resources, in order to achieve sustainability. 
  • Consult national and international clients on a variety of medical coverage insurance products. 
  • Brokers for life and health insurance products within the U.S. and in Mexico. 
  • Offer brokerage and consulting services for corporations, individuals on risk management and insurance claims. 
  • Consult corporations on captive insurance products and reinsurance markets onshore and offshore. 

Being successful is not enough, being significant generates greater global impact


Rafael Veraza Sr. 

Rafael Sr. counts with over 40 years of experience in risk management and the insurance business. He has advised major corporations in the auto, mining, energy sector, automobile, hotel, aviation among other industries in Latin America. He was one of the founding members of the Risk Management Society (RIMS) Mexico chapter. He has specialized in advising high level executives on how to mitigate major risks from group insurance products for their corporations to personal life and health including speciality insurance products. Rafael Sr. brings a world of expertise to Global Direction Consultants, in order to offer clients the best risk management tools available in the global market.

Rafael Veraza Jr. 

Rafael Jr has spent most of his early career working with non-profit organizations, international organizations such as the WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International, Caritas Internationalis, and the biotechnology industry. Rafa Jr. brings to Global Direction expertise in non-profit organizations and biotechnology industry in order to offer risk management tools that are specially suited to the needs of non-profits, individuals that want to donate to non-profits, and biotechnology industry entrepreneurs in order to mitigate risks involved in the development and commercialization of new technology. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Translational Science focusing on biotechnology management and development.

Board Members: 


Crisoforo Lozano

He is a current partner at The Rainmaker Group where he is the head of the Global Wealth Business Unit. He was also the founder of Bridge Capital, a consulting firm specialized in providing financial services to the Corporate Aircraft Industry.

Crisoforo has more than 20 years of  experience within the International Banking Industry where he has held different top management positions in different specialized sectors such as: Corporate & Retail Banking, Aircraft Financing, Syndications, Securitization's, among others. He also has an important trajectory in the insurance field where he has implemented different types of complex risk-transfer solutions for companies internationally. 

Crisoforo holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the European University of France and a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Monterrey, Mexico. 

Mauricio Esquino

Mauricio is a current partner of The Rainmaker Group, with vast experience  in the insurance, reinsurance and risk management industry worldwide. He is also the co-founder and an advisor of the largest independent broker insurance networks in the world:  Brokerslink.

Mauricio graduated from San Diego University with a degree in International Business. He also counts with several postgraduate courses and seminars on business management, leadership, and sales from recognized institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and Kellog. 

Dennis Clarkson 

Being a board member and working with non-profits for over 30 years, Dennis provides background and insight into philanthropic giving. His passion is to connect non-profits and foundations to opportunities for sustainable giving.

Dennis counts with extensive experience working with business management and sales in the manufacturing and auto industry. He is the board member of several non-profit organizations and religious organizations within the Catholic Church. 

Collaborating Firms: 

GMC Financial Solutions: Mario Chavez

Mario Chavez got his MS in Electrical Engineering at NMSU and has worked for more than 30 years as a Professor and Department head in Education institutions, as well as managing industrial plants in the Electronics industry. Since 1993 he has been in the financial industry advising families and companies in how to optimize the growth and protection of their financial resources. He owns GMC Financial Solutions and strives to service his clients with the most innovative and better performance products and services. Mario and his firm GMC Financial Solutions has been a leader in insurance and financial services in South Texas for over 20 years. 


The Rainmaker Group 

Reinsurance consulting leaders in Latin America and globally providing services, that bring together the intellectual capital and infrastructure required to create tailored solutions that comply with the complex needs (regulatory, tax, legal, compliance, etc) of the global marketplace.   

Ancora: Seguros y Fianzas 

With over 30 years of experience as an insurance agency, Ancora brings great expertise for insurance and risk management services in Mexico. 


Statements on this website provide general information only, they do not take into account any organization's personal objectives, financial situation and/or present insurance needs. Organizations and individuals should obtain specific advice regarding their own circumstances before making any insurance, tax, legal and/or financial decision. Global Direction Consultants is a Limited Liability Company registered under the State of Texas.